What are the things is needed in nail craft work?

Nails craft work shows your colour and identity nail shapes. Nail shapes come naturally to parents, but many people beautify their nails in different ways to feel good. Nail craftwork is a way to beautify nails. Many women consider it important to beautify their nails. Because artwork on nails enhances the beauty of our hands. That’s why women take care of their nails so that their hands appear beautiful.

Nowadays people are doing craft work on their natural nails a lot, and nail craft is very trending in the market. There are different shapes and design of nail craft which can be easily found by many women on their nails are kept beautiful for the same reason because it makes the hands look slimmer and longer. In nail craft, women mostly like dark colours, but these dark colour should not be eyes catching. The oval shape is most preferred in nails. Nails craft work can be done with toenails and fingernails.


There are the following methods of nails craft work:

  • craft work with nail filer:

A nail filer is usually used to shape the nails. When manicure, pedicure is performed on the nails, then the nails design are given in different shapes with the help of a nail filer. This method is also easily used at home.

  • Nails craft work with tweezer:

Tweezers are used to apply pearls or stickers on the nails. When you apply nail paint on your nails, then the stickers or pearls are applied with the help of tweezers. Applying the pearls, stickers with tweezers does not damage the nail paint.

  • Studs, stone and stickers:

Stickers, pearls and studs are mostly used in nail craft work. Now a days the market is huge with all these things. Modern women like these things a lot. Because they think that the beauty of hands is due to these things. Applying stones on nail paint enhances the beauty of your hands and makes your fingers look very beautiful.

  • White and black nail paint:

White and black nail paint is the most awesome nail craft work and women also used these two a lot, because this colour suits everyone. Modern women love these colours very much. Today This colours also trending in the brands.

  • Scotch tape and striping tape:

Scotch tape is also highly valued in nail craft work. Because it is used between applying nail paint, it is used to apply stylish and beautiful nail paint on the nails. Then the tape is removed.

  • Cotton bud:

If the nail paint sticks out of your nails while applying the nail paint, you can easily remove it with a cotton bud. And the semi-painted exterior is easily removed.

  • Used toothpicks in nails craft work:

Toothpicks are also used in nail craft work. A circle or dot is placed on the top of the nail paint using toothpicks. Nail paint can be applied on the nails in a very beautiful way to using toothpicks.

  • Nail paint remover in nail craft work:

IF you apply new colours of nail paint on your nails, then you need a good nail paint remover. A nail paint remover that won’t dry out and yellow your nails. The nail paint remover contains vitamin E which strengthens your nails and also removes the nails  paint from  your nails.

  • Nails art junkie

Many women work hard to make their nails beautiful and spend hours on nail polish to make them look as beautiful as they want. She wants to make her nails long and beautiful but she does not know that there are different ways to make her nails beautiful at home, and this procedure is very easy.

  • Cuticle oil repair formula:

If you have artificial nails on your natural nails. You can easily remove them with cuticle oil. Apply cuticle oil around your nails with any cloth or cotton, then remove your nails with your hands. Cuticle oil does not make your nails rough and yellow.

  • Gel nail polish:

Gel nail polish has been widely used for many years. Women love to apply gel on their nails design. Stickers and pearls can also be applied on the top of gel nail polish, it makes the nails look beautiful and the fingers look thinner and longer.

  • Traditional nail polish:

Traditional nail polish that is glossy and dries well after applying the polish on your nails as this nail polish takes time to dry. Nail polish does not need any other beautifying tools after applying it because it first beautifies your nails.

  • Dip powder:

Dip powder which is applied after nail paint is first applied on the nail, then it is dried and then dip-powder is applied on the top of it which makes the nail paint shine and beauty on it and does not damage the nail paint.

  • French nail craft design:

French nails craft design involves first applying shiner to your fingers and then applying nail polish to your nails and highlight the tips of your nails with white paint. But it is better and it is mostly done on long nails.

  • Glitter nails craft work:

IN glitter nail craft  work, nail polish is first applied on the nails, after that let the nail polish dry little. Than apply a shiner on top of it. Then apply the glitter on your nails with glitter swab and let it dry. Leave it on for the glitter to adhere well to the nails.

  • Can you do own your nail craft?

craft work on your nails can be easily done at home by using any paint brush to beautify your nails and also apply stickers or stones e-t-c in s good way.

  • What nails style is healthiest??

Gel manicures are best healthiest for nails. And that are most flexible and less harsh. In gel manicures, nail polish is applied first and then gel polish is applied first and then gel polish is applied on top of it to make the nails look beautiful.

  • What are the health benefits of nail craft work?

Nail craft also affects our health. When we get our nails manicured, it improves our blood circulation  and any kind of swelling or pain in our fingers is also a relief. It is healthy and also improves our joints

  • What are the strongest shape?

The round shape of the nails is considered to be the strongest. This shape is used on both long and shorts nail , but the shape of the shorts nails look more beautiful and the nails of this shape do not break easily.

  • Pastel nail polish craft work?

Before applying pastel nail polish, a base coat is applied to the nails, then apply coat of pastel nail polish and let it dry, and then apply pastel nail polish again and leave it for one to two minutes and then apply a final coat of nail polish. Pastel nail polish has very beautiful and light colours that add beauty to the nails.


Nails craft work makes your nails look beautiful, it makes your finger look thinner and longer, but there are some disadvantages of nail art work, it can also causes many diseases, such a cancer.


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