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What Are Solar Nails? : It has the most important benefits

Most girls are obsessed with modern fashion techniques, and they want to look the prettiest among all. They want to make everything perfect, whether it is their skin, their physique or their nails. All these things can be maintained in saloons and dermatological studios, but they are quite expensive. Most importantly, who has the time to visit beauty clinics in the hustle and bustle of daily life?

When we talk about nails, every girl wants them to be perfectly shaped, healthy, and shiner. There are many products in the market for this purpose, but have you ever heard about solar nails? Solar nail is the common type of nail made artificially to put on your original nails. Solar nail is made of a substance that is long-term durable, flexible and gentle on the skin. They are the modified version of acrylic nails but believe us that they are way better than them. You can easily use them without any expertise and without going to a saloon. They last much more than acrylic and other types of nails and are cheap, so if you are looking for some low-maintenance thing, then solar nail should be your thing.

What are solar nails?

Artificial nails are not the so-called modern or newly invented thing; hence, people have its idea from the 17th century. They are very similar to acrylic nails or some kind of French and Spanish manicure, so many people misunderstand them and have the wrong concept about solar nail.

But the main question is that what are the solar nails? As I explained shortly, the solar nail is the type of acrylic nail created by Creative Designs of Nails, but obviously, there are some great differences which are described further in the blog. Solar nail is made up of polymethyl methacrylate acrylics which are blended powder of some monomers.

 What are some benefits of Solar Nails?

Solar nails have many advantages, which make them the first priority of every girl. Some major benefits are written below,

  • Long duration of lasting

As we described before that the biggest advantage is the high-definition thickness of solar nail which gives them long-lasting effects. Gel nails and acrylic nails are deprived of this property. This thickness ensures that Solar nails don’t shatter easily. But how long can they exist? True solar nails can remain accurate for three weeks to a month without any infilling,

which makes them more cost-effective rather than gel or acrylic nails because you have to do this regularly. In that case, if we apply solar gel top coat on them, then they can last for a much longer time than one month. Compared to gel nails or acrylic nails, they are more eco-friendly because a very less amount of replacements is needed in them. Also, these marvelous nails keep their shining ability for a much longer period as compared to the average type of acrylic nails because washing can damage them.

This means you’ll spend very less time making up your fingernails with different coatings of gel polish since they will be maintaining their shine for so much longer. If you are searching for long-lasting things, then you get the idea here because this type of artificial nail is the finest option for everyone.

  • Vey less harsh removal of nails

Did I mention that you can easily remove Artificial Nails if you want to?

Yes. It’s true, and you can easily remove them by soaking a tissue or cotton in acetone. Acetone can help to peel off the end of the nail hence making the rest of the procedure so easy. But when you use gel or acrylic nails, some portion is left there always, and they can also damage their nails because it is very difficult to get rid of them.

  • Less exposure to  ultra-violet (UV) radiation

As we know through medical science that UV radiation has very adverse effects on our bodies. It can damage our skin and also has the potential to cause cancerous mutations. Gel or acrylic need UV after applying because their chemicals need it for hardening. But this case is different from solar nails. Creative Nail Design Company has made the formula of those chemicals who have not need any UV or other laser treatment for hardening. They can harden themselves in minutes easily.

  • Cost-effective

Solar pink and White Nails are only expensive when you are availing their first time. Further, you don’t have to spend much money because they are very low-maintained items.

  • Low-maintained product

These nails are very easily handled and low-maintained items. Once you apply them, then you only have to regulate them by infilling once a month.

  • Easily available

Since these nails are of great advantages, that’s why many companies are making them, so you can easily get them from a cosmetics shop.

What is the procedure for applying?

If you are using solar nails for the first time, then try to approach a professional person for this. It will help you to avoid unwanted situations. If you want to do this at home, then follow these basic steps.

Perform a manicure/pedicure for better cleansing of your nails. This is the basic preparation for the actual procedure. A plastic nail extension will be added to the end of your natural fingernail. The white nail will overlay your natural nail, and the pink nail will go over the white nail, leaving you with a perfect white tip! They may use a nail drill machine to size the nail properly.

The next step in the two-step application process is that solar powder and liquid monomer will be combined to strengthen the base coat and pressed over your nail extension.

The mixture will harden as they shape the acrylic nails to match the natural nail structure of your own nail.

Finish the top coat with some gel nail polish/shellac or regular nail polish over the fake nail to match the nail art designs that you desire. Note: Other brands of gel polish can be used, such as bio sculpture.

Now following these processes, you have solar nail with a classic look.

These acrylic nails should last at least a long 3-week hold before you need to schedule any more nail services from your local discount nail salon.

solar nails
solar nails

People also look for:

Does solar nails better than gel nails?

Yes, they are way better because they are cheap and low-maintained products instead of other acrylic types.

How many solar nails last?

They last about three weeks to one month if protected efficiently.

Do solar nail lift or not?

No, they show great resistance against listing.


Since we know that solar nails are very low-maintained and long-lasting so, one should prefer them if she/he wants his/her nails to look good. They can keep their nails shiner and brighter than normal by using them. They are easily available in the market, so there is no difficulty in availing them.

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