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What are Long Nails ? And how to grow nails

“Long nail look like “protracted” fingers, which appear More “charming” and beautiful. Long nail is a major trend these days. Nails are an important part of the body. However, they are not vitally important in the body; however, they can be of many uses. Long nail is great tools. They help with manipulating clips and tabs and jewelry clasps. They can poke through and grasp fruit peels and extend slightly the effective and visual length of the fingers. The long nails designs are believed to need more maintenance than the short ones”.

Categories of long nails:

There are many categories of long nails. Following are:

  • Growth of long nail:

Use biotin that can help to strengthen weak nails. “Biotin” additive helps you to grow your long nail “protracted” and rapidly.

  • Shapes of long nail:

The best long nail shape is oval. This shape makes your fingers “protracted” and your nails straight and thin.

  • Long Nail shapes for chubby fingers:

For chubby fingers, you can opt for these long nail shapes “oval” and “mellow.” These shapes will make your nails and fingers look longer and charm.

  • Healthy Long Nail:

Healthy nails are flush without a shaft. Sometimes fingernails develop mild plumb “furrows” that run from the cuticle to the tip of the long nail.

  • Text with long nail:

If you have long nail So, try to keep in mind that you should use your fingers while “typing” and try to “reduce” your speed to “prevent” to nails from breaking.

  • Retain long nail

Some people retain long nail. Because they think it to be a form of personal “uttering” vogue and “charmer,” long nail can be seen as an “index of femininity” and can be used to amplify the appearance of the hand and fingers.

  • Round shape for long nail:

This simple shape is perfect for nails to expand only “moderately” past your nails couch and “nourish” their natural shape. It’s also the most popular long nail shape.

Benefits of long nail:

Longs nails can “nudge” through and clench fruits peel off. They can extend rather the effective and vision length of the fingers. They are suitable for probing and carving things like light-duty “wrapping,” and they are great for picking and prying all sorts of things.

  • Prefer long nails:

Long nails give the “appearance” of longer fingers, which appear more “attractive.” That is why most people who have long nails go for that kind of thing.

  • Long nail with attractive colors:

Many people are fond of light pink nail polish, which is one of their top picks. Light pink can be beautiful, “aesthetically,” excellent, “executive,” and timeless. It could be more brightly worn for any occasion or outfit. The pink color makes your long nail beautiful.

  • Artwork at long nail:

Long Nail art is an “artistic” way to paint, furnish, “amplify,” and “embellish” nails. It is artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails, usually after manicures and pedicures.

  • Acrylic nails:

Acrylic nails are artificial nails that can be broken easily.

  • Acrylic nail damage your natural nails:

Acrylic long nail can make your finger look long and slender. They can be hard on your nails. To get acrylic nails to stitch the surface of your “natural nails,” they must be filed until they feel rough.

  • Long nails about your future:

If a long fingernail is a shortage of crescent-shaped ornament, that person is “unprotected” from misfortune and ill health. If you have a crescent-shaped ornament on your “pollex,” you could expect good news.

  • Long Nail get bigger with age:

The long nail change with aging, growing more slowly, and becoming bent and frail. The color may change from glassy to yellowed, “opaque nails,” especially toenails, may become stiff and thick, and ingrown “toenails” may be more common—the tips of the fingernails.

  • Long nail as a status:

Consider a status symbol. Long nail is equated to “wealth” in parts of Asia. In the late 1900s.

  • Long nail is unprofessional:

Having long nail is not considered unprofessional. But it is frowned upon as it often makes typing difficult. The long nail can be quite pretty but are not a realistic working environment.

  • Health problems:

Long nails and budding cause a numeral of health problems. Since they are the perfect place for germs and dirt to stay.

long nails
long nails

These disadvantages of long nail:

The cost of beauty can be high, and in the case of long nail, that cost could be a health risk

  1. Germs
  2. Infection
  3. Fungus bacteria

What are nails made of?

Nails are made of skin cells. The part that we call the nail is technically known as the nail plate. Nails plate is mainly made of a hard substance called keratin.

What is the root of nails?

The nail root is the portion of the nail found under the skin’s surface near the nail’s end.
Is nail a bone?
NO, nails are not a bone. It can be made of collagen and calcium phosphate, whereas nails are made from keratin.

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