permanent skin whitening treatment

Is Permanent Skin Whitening Treatment Safe For The Face?

People’s preferences in this world are changing daily, but the mindset of a good-looking appearance is still present. We are living in the era of fashion and beauty consciousness. Everyone wants to look good. People are very conscious about their appearance. Health and other things are secondary to them. All they wanted was to look good in front of other people.

There are many fashion techniques which lead the person to some pathology. Still, some good aestheticians and top brands have invented some exceptionally good products that make you look good and improve your skin and body in medical terms. Most girls are obsessed with modern fashion techniques, and they want to look the prettiest of all. They want to make everything perfect, whether it is their skin, physique or nails.

All these things can be maintained in saloons and dermatological studios through permanent skin whitening treatment. We all want beautiful skin and no blemishes, but we are too lazy to use any tips or put any extra effort into making our skin beautiful. But it is also true that we are very busy with our lives. We have to do a lot of work daily, and life is extremely tough for everyone, so it is very hard to spend a specific time from your daily routine on your skin. Am I right or not? Most people are that much lazy that they don’t even spend 15 minutes on skincare because of their daily workload. Our skin faces too much dust and bad environmental conditions daily, so it is very much necessary to cleanse our faces, especially if we have oily skin.

Your face is the key way to describe your mood. For example, if you are stressed or happy, it can easily be shown on your face, so it is important always to keep your face fresh and radiant. One of the biggest skin problems is its colour. Everyone wants to look fair and bright. Most people don’t like black skin. Some people have black skin by birth, but some people adopt the black skin colour due to environmental factors. Many products in the market are made to make you fair. Some of them are serums and face creams.

The question is whether these products can make you fair or not. The answer is that yes, there are products of some famous brands that make your skin white to some extent, but they also have side effects. everything that disturbs natural procedures can have some really bad side effects. A permanent whitening treatment is one of the most popular methods to make your skin fair.

Many clinics and beauty salons offer permanent skin whitening treatment and some plasma and stem cell therapies to make you younger and fairer. In this blog, you will be able to learn about these beauty treatments and their pros and cons.

What is permanent skin whitening treatment?

This world is the people of different cultures and traditions. Every culture has its own beauty standards. People having white or fair skin tones are meant to be the beautiful people of that culture, and this mentality is still there in our society. Everyone, regardless of gender, wants to look fairer, brighter and fresh. It is the dream of every man and woman. One of the best methods to do this is permanent skin whitening treatment.

But what is this treatment? Skin whitening treatment is the medical process which is opted by people to reduce the production of melanin pigment. Melanin pigment is there to create a specific colour of your skin. If the person has dark skin, the melanin amount is high, and melanosomes work great. People having lighter skin have less melanin production. Melanocytes in our skin produce melanin through a chain of processes, but we will not discuss that here because that is a medical procedure.

The genetic makeup of any individual effect highly melanin synthesis. Exposure to the sun, exposure to certain chemicals or the amount of damaged skin are environmental changes that greatly impact melanin production.
Many people choose the permanent skin whitening treatment to deal with problems such as facial freckles, ageing, scars, moles or warts, pimples, and birthmarks and make their skin fair, especially those with a darker tone of the skin. People also use whitening or lightening products at home, such as bleaching powders, colour-fading creams, and chemical peels for skin and laser treatment.
Tyrosinase enzyme is mostly used in all of these products because it is the key element which can reduce the melanin production in our skin. Melanocytes are found in the epidermis, the bottom layer of our skin, and have great functions. Hyperpigmentation problems sometimes occur when melanin synthesis happens at a large scale.

In what conditions you can have permanent skin whitening treatment safely?

We all want to look fair and beautiful and dying to have this beauty treatment, but are you a good match for that treatment or not? Here are some points you must read if you are willing to do this treatment.
You must be or above 18 years if you are undergoing this treatment.
If you are willing to treat pigmentation issues.
You want an even skin tone and want to eliminate the acne scars.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s not the right time to undergo the treatment.

permanent skin whitening treatment
permanent skin whitening treatment

How permanent skin whitening treatment is done?

Some most famous methods of permanent skin whitening treatment are mentioned below:

Topical Treatments

The first line of defence against dark and dull skin is topical creams. They can lighten your skin tone effectively, but always consult your dermatologist before using any of those creams. Your skin type matters a lot in topical treatment.

This treatment is very effective and based on the basic principle of exfoliation. This technique helps fresh skin cells to come upward by getting rid of all the dead cells of your skin. After a few treatments, all your dead skin will be gone. After the complete treatment, you will have brighter and fairer skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peelers are truly the best option for making your skin fairer by several tonnes. It has very less side effects. The number of treatment sessions required can vary depending on the results you are looking for.

Laser Skin Lightening

Lasers Skin Lightening/Whitening Treatment helps to peel off the sun-damaged skin and controls the production of melanocytes, allowing your complexion to become lighter.

Benefits of permanent skin white treatment:

Some major advantages of this beauty treatment are:
It has very less side effects if performed accurately.
It can be done in very less time, like one hour.
No discomfort is involved in this treatment. It is mostly pain-free.
All skin types and tones can be treated through this.
A single treatment can make massive changes in your skin.

Is permanent skin whitening treatment safe for the skin or not?

Although these treatments have many benefits, every picture has two sides. It also has some dangerous benefits:

  • Whitening injections can cause asthma or other respiratory problems
  • Weight gain can happen
  • Losing pigmentation of hair is one of the serious side effects
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • If these injections are, they can cause some serious eye infections
  • Allergic reactions in the body
  • Sometimes partial loss of sensation
  • Pain in breasts or difficulty in breast milk production
  • Epidermal necrosis can occur
  • Diarrhoea and stomach problems
  • Dermatitis
  • Kidney disorders



In this blog, we have given all the necessary information about permanent skin whitening treatment. These beauty treatments can make your skin fairer and brighter. These procedures have pros and cons, so choose any of them after consulting your doctor. If you are willing to get the permanent skin whitening treatment, be considerate about the side effects we have mentioned before so you can save yourself from serious conditions while fulfilling your dreams.

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