European manicure

Is a European manicure better than a French manicure?

In the era we are living has become the era of fashion. Everyone wants to be look good. People are very conscious about their appearance. Health and other things are secondary for them. All they wanted is too be look good in front of other people. There are many fashion techniques which lead the person to some pathology but some good aestheticians and top brands have invented some exceptionally good products that not only make you good looking but also improve your skin and body in medical terms. Most of the girls are obsessed with modern fashion techniques and they want to look prettiest among all.

They want to make everything perfect whether it is their skin, their physique or their nails. All these things can be maintained in saloon and dermatological studios. Women are very particular about their nails and hands. They want to look them, tight, healthy and fair. They use many different products on their hands but most of women don’t know that what product is good for your skin type and how these products can help you to achieve your goal. One of the best thing invented is manicure for the hands specially European manicure.

A full manicure includes cleansing, exfoliation, and massage of the hands and fingernails. Shape of nails is maintained and cuticle is either cut off or push to back of nails. Sometimes fingernails are polished with some magnificent colors.

What is a manicure?

Beauty treatment of hands is collectively known as manicure. It includes cutting, filing of your nails, cleaning your hand skin and many other things that help your hands to look good and brighter. There are different types of manicure like,

⦁ French manicure
⦁ European manicure
⦁ Acrylic manicure
⦁ Dip manicure
⦁ Asian manicure
⦁ Japanese manicure

In this blog, we will discuss the first two types. At the end you will be able to learn about benefits of manicure and what type you should use.

European manicure
European manicure and French manicure


European manicure:

This is the safe, healthy and cheap way to protect and strengthen your nails. If you want long lasting effects than this type is the best thing for you. Electric filing technique is used in European manicure which is the easy and effective way to repair your nails. Your nail pallets, cuticle and skin is specially treated in this so it is a first choice of many women.
The European manicure is very mysterious item. It don’t disturb the natural beauty of your nails so people easily get confused between these two types. Metal cutters are used which give overall benefits to nails, skin and as well as cuticle. This also improve health of your nails. The this type uses some softening techniques to make the surrounding skin of your nails look good also help the cuticle to stay intact. Salons have both options of wet and dry manicure. There are some experts who uses some special and unique techniques to remove the dead cuticle cells around your nails and flourish them.

If you want to regain the health and natural beauty of your nails than you should prefer European manicure.
In salons, these are the basic steps for the execution of this manicure.

⦁ Varnish is removed from nails and skin of your hands is cleansed with scrub and some compositions of oils.
⦁ Spa of your hands is done. This will give you a lot pleasure and the manicure will be more beneficial after this.
⦁ Manicurist will move forward to next step by processing your nails. Cuticle will be pushed back to the edge of nails.
⦁ Your nails will be trimmed according to your desire.
⦁ Cocoa butter sheet will be applied on your nails.


The European manicure is very popular all over the world. It is done without soaking so it usually lasts longer. It allows varnish to remain on the surface of nails for longer period than any other type. This type of manicure have many benefits which are described below for your knowledge.

⦁ The chances of contamination and other infections are very less in European manicure.
⦁ Damage of cuticle can be happened in this but it is very rare if your manicurist is a expert.
⦁ Your skin and blood vassals are preserved efficiently, hence they are not damageable in European manicure.
⦁ The cuticle around nails is fixed but not trimmed. This procedure can be done by many means. Mostly an orange stick is used for cuticle and it is very easy to handle and don’t cause any discomfort.
⦁ For people who resort to building, it is very suitable.
⦁ Procedure is expensive but not that much. Even if you are the owner of blood vessels located close to the skin, such a manicure can be done independently, at home.
⦁ It is done twice or thrice a month.
⦁ With this procedure, you can maintain a well-groomed appearance of the nails, as it significantly slows down the growth of the cuticle.
⦁ It is very fast procedure as compared to other manicures.
French Manicure
French Manicure and European manicure

French manicure:

Have you ever listened about the term French manicure? It is just like other things for example French fries, French missuses etc.
French manicure is one of the most popular choices at salons. Most of the women prefer French manicure rather than other manicures for their hands and toes. This helps your nails to have a distinguished look, pair of white and nude pinkish color looks very graceful and can go with every outfit.
Your French tips are maintained in a certain way that they look very graceful hence fashionable.
What are French tips?
French tips are the white edges of nails above the pinkish base. They are modifies with different colors and polishes to make you look stunning.
These French tips can be managed in these styles.

⦁ French half-moon combo
⦁ Triangle tips
⦁ Sweet on swirls
⦁ Golden tips to go for
⦁ Day glo French
⦁ Outlined ombre
⦁ Double down
But if we talk about the simple procedure of French manicure then it will include just these steps.
⦁ Get ready your nails by trimming and cleaning them
⦁ Do some filing on them.
⦁ Buff your nails for some extra shine and cut your cuticle off.
⦁ Start your French manicure with a desired a base coat, then paint your French tips according to designs as mentioned above

Benefits of French manicure:

⦁ It make your fingers longer to look.
⦁ It should be your choice If your nails are brittle and have chubby fingers.
⦁ It provides the illusion of slim fingers.


In this blogs, we have discussed the pros and cons of European manicure and as well as French manicure. You should use any type depending on your needs. If you want to regain the health and natural beauty of your nails then the European manicure is best thing for you. It not only make your hands look good but also flourish them. If you just want to make your nails good loo or you have to attend the function or any other fashionista event than French manicure is suitable for you. It make your French tips look classy so you can express your feelings about fashion through this.

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