artificial nail remover

How To Use Artificial Nail Remover At Home?

People’s preferences in this world are changing daily, but the mindset of a good-looking appearance is still present. We are living in the era of fashion and beauty consciousness. Everyone wants to look good. People are very conscious about their appearance. Health and other things are secondary to them. All they wanted was to look good in front of other people.

Many fashion techniques lead the person to some pathology. Still, some good aestheticians and top brands have invented some excellent products that make you good-looking and improve your skin and body in medical terms. Most girls are obsessed with modern fashion techniques, and they want to look the prettiest of all. They want to make everything perfect, whether it is their skin, physique, or nails.

All these things can be maintained in saloons and dermatological studios. We all want beautiful nails and don’t want any disturbance, but we are too lazy to use any tips and put extra effort into making our nails beautiful. But it is also true that we are very busy with our lives. We have to do a lot of work daily, and life is callous for everyone, so spending a specific time from your daily routine on your skin and nails is tough.

Am I right or not? Most people are that much lazy that they don’t even spend 15 minutes on self-care because of their daily workload. Our nails face many problems in our daily routine due to different kinds of work. Sometimes they break down due to heavy work. Most homemakers face these issues due to their heavy duty of maintaining the house. Nails are one of the most prominent features of your hands. They describe a lot about your personality.

Everyone wants to look beautiful.

People use many nail paints and different products to make them classy, but it is not like they always apply artificial nails on their nails. Mostly artificial nails are applied only when you are going to attend a function, or there is a special event in your life. After that event, you must remove that artificial mail because of your work demands or other reasons. The point of discussion in this blog is to quickly learn the methods for all kinds of artificial nails at home. You can easily remove artificial nails with artificial nail remover. Many brands make different kinds of artificial nail removers for different kinds of nail paints available in the market.

Every salon has a variety of manicures. Each manicure has the option of artificial nail removal. Manicurists very efficiently remove all dust from your nails and apply the artificial remover to your nail. This helps you eliminate nail polish and artificial nails and make your nails neat, just like they were naturally. But if you can’t afford these expensive manicures at salons, then there is nothing you should worry about. This blog will tell you some excellent procedures to make artificial nail remover at home. Here are some essential points you need to know about these removers.

artificial nail remover
artificial nail remover

What is artificial nail remover?

Artificial nail remover is a liquid or sometimes comes in jelly form. They are used to eliminate all kinds of artificial and detachable nails. These nails are mostly made up of gel, solar and acrylic gel. These nails are applied to your natural nails to make your hands more classy and charming. The question here is whether all the nails are made with gel. No, some of the nails are made up of fibrous nails, so they can’t be removed by artificial nail remover.

They have to be filed off if you want to get rid of them, which is a less expensive method but takes a lot of time and struggle because filing is not that easy. You have to preserve the shape and texture of your natural nail. What type of artificial nail remover should be used is based on the type of your gel, acrylic, or solar nails. All artificial nails and sculpture gels from Depend are soluble in this remover.

How to remove artificial nails at home? Use of artificial nail remover method.

We can’t deny that making our nails beautiful through artificial nails is everyone’s preference, but when doing this with gel or acrylic nails, you face many problems.

When you are ready for your next beauty look, removing your artificial nails is difficult. You will regret it if you peel them off with your hands or twister because it is excruciating.

Many nail specialists in every salon can put artificial nails on your hands and redo them. In the daily hustle and bustle of life, most of us do not have any time to visit our manicurists, so it is the option to learn these basic things so we can easily use artificial nail remover at home.
There is quite a difference between gel, solar, and acrylic nails, but the procedure of removing them at home is similar to some extent. So stay tuned and read the blog to remove artificial nails at home.

Nail removal with acetone

One of the safest methods to remove your artificial nails is with acetone. This process is used in most salons. Just follow these steps if you want to do this at home.
Things you need:
Nail clippers
Acetone nail polish remover
Petroleum jelly
Cotton balls
Aluminum foil
Using a nail cutter, shorten your artificial nails as quickly as possible. Working with shorter nails would be better.
File and buff off all the nail paint applied to your artificial nails for better grace.
Apply petroleum jelly on your fingers, specifically the nail areas, to prepare them for acetone soaking.
Take a cotton ball and soak it with maximum acetone-containing nail polish remover. Wrap it across your nails. Then use aluminum foil and cover it for about 20 minutes.
Enjoy these 20 minutes by watching your favorite podcast.
Gently lift the foil paper from your nails when the time is done.
Soak your nails in acetone for 5 minutes if the nails are still stuck to your natural nails.

Acetone-free artificial nail remover

You can also use dental floss if you are allergic to acetone or don’t have any acetone. For this method, you need the following;

  • Cuticle stick
  • Dental floss
  • Someone to assist you
  • Procedure:
  • Lift the edges of artificial nails using a cuticle stick.
  • Put some dental floss under them if the edges of your artificial nails have been removed. Move dental floss under nails until artificial nails pop up. This is the easiest way of artificial nail remover.


This blog has discussed different procedures for using artificial nail removers at home. Everything in salons is not affordable for everyone. We should know these essential tips about fashion to make ourselves glamorous at home. Everything has its pros and cons, and we have mentioned these here. This blog will be beneficial to you.

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