how to remove no chip nail polish 

How To Remove No Chip Nail Polish Without Acetone At Home?

Preferences of people living in this world are changing day by day but the mindset of good-looking appearance is still present. We are living in the era of fashion and beauty consciousness. Everyone wants to look good. People are very conscious about their appearance. Health and other things are secondary to them. All they wanted is to be look good in front of other people.

There are many fashion techniques that lead the person to some pathology but some good aestheticians and top brands have invented some exceptionally good products that not only make you good-looking but also improve your skin and body in medical terms. Most of girls are obsessed with modern fashion techniques and they want to look the prettiest among all. They want to make everything perfect whether it is their skin, their physique or their nails. All these things can be maintained in saloon and dermatological studios.

All of us want beautiful and magnificent nails, don’t want any disturbance, but we are too much lazy that we don’t use any tips and put any extra effort to make our nails beautiful. But it is also true that we are very busy with our lives. We have to do a lot work daily and life is extremely tough for everyone so it is very hard to spend a specific time from your daily routine on your skin and nails.

Am I right or not? Most of the people are that much lazy that they don’t even spend 15 minutes on self-care because of the daily work load. Our nails face so many problems in daily routine due to different kind of work. Sometimes they breakdown due to heavy work. Mostly housewives face these issues due to their heavy duty of maintenance of house. Nails are one of the most prominent feature on your hands. They describe a lot about your personality. Everyone want to look them beautiful. People use many nail paints and different products on their nails to make them classy but it is not like that they always apply artificial nails on their nails.

Mostly nail paints are applied only when you are going to attend a function or there is a special event in your life. After that even, you have to remove that nail polish because of your work demands or any other reasons. Point of discussion in this blog is to know the methods all kind of nail paints at home easily. You can easily remove nail paints by using our guidelines how to remove no chip nail polish? There are many brands who make different kinds of nail paint remover for different kind of nail paints that are available in market.

Every salon in has a variety of manicures. Each manicure has option of nail polish remover to maintain natural beauty of your nails. Manicurist very efficiently remove all dust from your nails and apply acetone based or acetone removers according to basic tips of how to remove no chip nail polish? This help you get rid from nail polish and artificial nails and make your nails neat and tidy just like they were naturally.

But if you can’t afford these expensive manicures at salons then there is nothing you should worry about. In this blog we will tell you some excellent procedures about how to remove no chip nail polish at home. Here are some basic points you need to know about these removers.

What are nail paints and how they work?

Nail paints are liquid-jelly like things which are applied on nails to decorate your fingers. Nail polishes should be strong, flexible, and resist chipping and peeling. nail polish is made of large amount of chemicals. Basic chemical ingredients found in general nail polishes are given here. Basic clear nail polish can be made from nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate. The nitrocellulose forms a shiny film as the acetate solvent evaporates. However, most polishes contain an extensive list of ingredients.
It has:

  1. Solvents
  2. Film formers
  3. Resins
  4. Plasticizers
  5. Pigments
  6. Pearls
  7. Some additional ingredients

What is no chip nail polish and how they are similar with gel nails?

To know how to remove no chip nail polish we have to understand that what they exactly are. People use the terminology of “no chip” and “gel nails” to explain same things. This leads to confusion of those people who are new in nail industry. This confusion rises a question that are nail chips or gel nails same things? How they are manufactured and for what purpose? No chip means that nail can never chip or another thing? Answers of all these questions are here just for you.

They are different terms for describing manicures that involve two coats of gel polish after a base coat, ending with a sealant or top coat and curing under a UV light. Applying a gel manicure makes it super durable, long-lasting, and not easily chipped, hence the name—no chip nails.
No chip nails lasts for about two or three weeks. They are the alternative form of gel nails but the modern one. No chip nails are the nails are prepared by filling, buffing and cleaning with 90% alcohol which make them able of high staying and give them resistance against harsh environment.
Special base coat is necessary and it is applied after manufacturing. Afterwards two other gel polish coats are also applied on them for better look and shining.

If you are a manicurist and working on no chip nail polish than it is very important to look after each and every step so your client fulfil his wishes. It is understood already that the special base coat is an ultraviolet (UV) base coat. This is a thinner version of the conventional gel nail treatment and is essential for reshaping your natural nails without adding more length. It also protects your natural nails from picking up any permanent stains. How to remove no chip nail polish is mandatory and important step for every manicurist.

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How to remove no chip nail polish without acetone?

Acetone is mostly used in every nail polish because it know efficiently that how to remove no chip nail polish. But if you are at home and you don’t have acetone than you can use these things also.


Toothpaste is the answer of your question that how to remove no chip nail polish. Apply small amount of toothpaste and wait for 5 minutes.


Perfumed sprays also know that how to remove no chip nail polish. Chemicals inside them can easily remove every nail paint.

Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have many chemical which are also used in different nail paint removers. It is the great choice if you don’t have acetone.

Hair spray

Question of how to remove no chip nail polish can easily be solved by hair spray because it is able to remove nail paints efficiently.


In this blog we have discussed on of the best thing which is no chip nails. They are made to enhance the natural beauty of your nails. We have discuss about no chip nails, their advantages and disadvantages and also their importance. How to remove no chip nail polish is also mentioned in this blog. We hope that this blog will solve all your queries and help you a lot. Regards.

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