How to remove gel nail polish with sugar

How to remove gel nail polish with sugar? A comprehensive guide

In the world we are living now, beauty standards have been changed according to the mentality of generations. Men and women equally want to look beautiful and graceful in front of people, and there is nothing wrong with this. One should maintain his living standard regardless the gender.

There are many ways to look gorgeous ranging from hair and makeup to a wonderful wardrobe. You can easily enhance your beauty by using plenty of cosmetic items on your body. They do not even make you look beautiful, but some of the products help diminish the natural aging processes so you look young and stunning in your old age too. Most women are very conscious about every detail of their bodies.

Whether it is about their clothes, facial highlights or nails, they want everything to look perfect. There are many fashion techniques which lead the person to some pathology but some good aestheticians and top brands have invented some exceptionally good products that not only make you good looking but also improve your skin and body in medical terms. Most of the girls are obsessed with modern fashion techniques and they want to look prettiest among all.

They want to make everything perfect whether it is their skin, their physique or their nails. All these things can be maintained in saloon and dermatological studios. Women are very particular about their nails and hands. They want to look them, tight, healthy and fair. They use many different products on their hands but most of women don’t know that what product is good for your skin type and how these products can help you to achieve your goal. One of the best thing which is invented by aestheticians is nail polish.

You can paint your nails with many different colors according to your mood and dress. In this blog, we will discuss different types of nail paints, their pros and cons and how to remove gel nail polish with sugar?
What is generally meant by nail polish?
Whenever you visit your manicurist or use some treatment techniques at home, you will notice that there are plenty options for nail polish. There are many types of nail polish like gel nail polish, powder nail polish and dip nail polish which have far more benefits as compared to the basic nail polishes you have been using at your hoe since childhood.

We know that remembering the difference between these different types of nail polishes is quite difficult that’s why we have enlisted eight different type of nail polishes in this blog along with their benefits and disadvantages. You will also get to know that how you can remove them from nails specially how to remove gel nail polish with sugar.

Traditional nail polish

It is the basic nail polish we have been using at our homes since childhood. Whenever someone talk about nail polish, this type of nail polish always pop up into our minds. It has a range of variety for example starting from shimmery to shiny one, than matte color and many other cool stuff. Traditional nail polish don’t usually require any special treatment like ultra violet radiations or some special lights to dry it. It is not that much long lasting. It can stay on your nails about one week. That is very easy to handle and quickly to apply. You don’t need any expertise to apply it on your nails. How to remove gel nail polish with sugar and techniques of removal of traditional nail polish will also be described later.


Gel nail polish


Gel nail polish have become one of the most popular nail paint time at salons as well as homes. Your manicurist will apply this type of nail polish on your hands and will do ultra violet treatment for approximately thirty to sixty seconds for letting it dry and harden. You can also apply this at home if you have expertise about this. At the end, you will have a magnificent glossy kind manicure. It can last approximately more than 2 weeks.
You can use gel nail polish on your natural nails as well as it can also be applied on acrylic extensions of nails or solar nails. The major issue regarding this nail polish is its removal. We will discuss how to remove gel nail polish with sugar later in this blog.
If you are here to check that how to remove gel nail polish with sugar than you can easily go to the last of this blog but we will advise you to read this whole blog for better understanding.


Polygel nail polish

Polygel nail polish is the hybrid form of gel and acrylic nail polish. This nail polish comes in glass tubes. It is applied on the extension of your acrylic nails with brush and have gel like texture. Your nails are treated with UV or LED light after applying and it can be used for shape, sculpting of your nails.

Poly gel nail polish is very loveable among people because it is very durable and seems like natural nails are coated. As compared to the acrylic nail polish, this type can last for more than 3 weeks. It has very less chemicals and mostly odor free. It can easily remove from nails. You can study our part how to remove gel nail polish with sugar for this purpose.

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How to remove gel nail polish with sugar?


How to remove gel nail polish with sugar? Is it possible? Yes, absolutely possible.
Gel nail polish last longer on your nails and very stubborn but you can efficiently remove this with sugar. How to remove gel nail polish with sugar is very simple procedure which include only household items that also are very beneficial on your nails. Using this method cause very less damage to your nails.

Ingredients for how to remove gel nail polish with sugar procedure:

  1. 2 table spoon sugar
  2. Bowl
  3. Cotton pads
  4. Cuticle oil/ castor oil/coconut oil
  5. grinder
  6. nail file
  7. soapy water


  • get sugar and grind it. Only 2 table spoons
  • file your nails efficiently according to your desire.
  • Mix sugar and oil in boil and make a homogenous mixture.
  • Soak your hands in his bowl.
  • Rub your nail polish with cotton pads or strips.
  • Wash up your hands.



In this blog, you will be able to learn different major types of nail polish and their pros and cons. Gel nail polish is described in detail and how to remove gel nail polish with sugar is also mentioned for your ease. Removing nail polish with sugar is very easy and efficient method because sugar can soak the clumps of your nail polish. Gel nail polish is very long lasting and good option for those who want a manicure of long duration.
We hope that reading this blog will help you to choose perfect nail polish which not only complement you but also cause less damage to your nails.

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