homeopathic remedy for sore throat
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Homeopathic remedy for sore throat: A complete guide

God has created us with a great functioning system. All our body organs work very efficiently. They need proper environment to live a healthy life. If a single organ or part of body is damaged, all of the body will be disturbed. We will discuss some issues related to throat and their problems also.


Our body has many internal organs. If there is a slight disturbance in any of our body organ, we will very difficult in our whole body. The supreme power has made the human very beautiful and exceptionally complex. Our all organs are interlinked with each other. They jointly work and make our living standards very high. If we talk about heart, it pumps nonstop and give blood and oxygen to every part of body. Just like other organs, throat also has very importance.

Now-a-days, many people in this world are suffering from bad throat which can be treated by homeopathic remedy for sore throat. Coughing and itching is very common in people. We generally should not take medicines for such fewer threatening diseases because excess amount of medicine can damage our liver and other organs. But what should we do if we are having sore throat? Now, there is no need to look for many treatments method because in this blog you will find some easiest and homemade remedies to cure your bad throat. A sore throat is referred as pain, itchiness and scratchiness in throat.

It becomes worse when swallow. Patient feel very disturbance while talking or eating. Sometimes, muscles of throat become swollen which can be cured by homeopathic remedy for sore throat. Symptoms of sore throat are different according to their cause but some basic symptoms are swollen or red tonsils, difficulty in swallowing, pain, itchiness. The infectious sore throat can cause other symptoms too like fever, cough, muscular fatigue, body aching, sneezing, runny nose, headache. Sometimes patient also feels nausea and vomiting. Homeopathic remedy for sore throat is discussed in this blog.

What is meant by homeapathic remedies and are they really effective?

Remedy is the term generally used to describe those substances of mixture of substance that can be used for a specific purpose. Here we are discussing those remedies of eastern medicine which can be used to cure a variety of diseases. Eastern remedies are based on the products that are plant or animals based or their derivatives. People living across the world use plants or animals for treatment purpose. According to studies, it has been proven that about 70 percent population of this world still believe on natural remedies for their issues just like people believe that homeopathic remedy for sore throat is best.

Science also have admitted the importance of these remedies. In this era, dietary supplements made from plants are the best thing to rely on when you have digestive issues. There is still an argument that natural remedies for example homeopathic remedy for sore throat is far better than conventional medicine because they cause less harm to human body.

Yoga can also be considered as natural remedy to make your body fit and healthy and many modern people are also practicing it on daily basis because they know that their health is the biggest wealth they have.
In this world where population is increasing day by day, a large and increasing number of modern educated people are following natural remedies just like homeopathic remedy for sore throat to cure themselves from serious diseases. Natural-based medicines use natural extracts and physical healing practices to help us cultivate wellbeing. In some easy words we can say that they are substances of claimed medical value derived directly from plants or other natural sources. Many useful drugs in the pharmacology are derived from natural sources but these have been purified and assayed so that accurate and safe dosage becomes possible. Most readily available and useful natural remedies have been exploited in this way and the search for other useful natural drugs continues. Some natural remedies have been found to be dangerous. Many of those n sale is of little value.

Sore throat: explanation, causes

We all know that what sore throat is but it is not so easy to identify that your sore throat is the reason of viral or bacterial infection. It is very important to detect this for the better type of treatment of sore throat at home or in clinics so a suitable homeopathic remedy for sore throat can be used. A bacterial sore throat is also called as strep throat. It is highly contagious because it can spread from person to person through many sources. On the other hand, viral type is due to inflammation by virus and it is also a contagious disease. We can’t treat this type through some antibiotics. It has entirely different symptoms from the viral one so homeopathic remedy for sore throat will also be different.
Infectious type of sore throat is caused by viruses or bacteria but in on-infectious type is affected by these agents:

  • Smoking
  • Tracheal intubation
  • Air pollutants
  • Not washing your hands properly
  • Being too close with people who have respiratory disorders

Shouting can also cause this. Allergy is also the reason.

This happens when body face the exposure to allergen. This allergen causes the drainage of nasal congestion to your throat.

homeopathic remedy for sore throat
homeopathic remedy for sore throat

This type of drainage can also be the reason of;

  • Coughing
  • Excessive swallowing
  • Throat irritation
  • Difficulty in breathing

If you experience this type of sore throat in every specific time then it can get worse in the time of year when specific allergens are high in air. Some of major allergens are given below;

  1. Mites of dust
  2. Mildews
  3. Dander of pets especially of dogs and cats are high allergens to someone
  4. Pollens of flowers
  5. Some people are highly allergic to cigarette

Scratchiness is the major symptoms of allergen induced sore throat.

Treatment of sore throat

Homeopathic remedy for sore throat is a complete chart of different remedies which includes,


If you are having sore throat, mix one table spoon of honey in Luke warm water and drink it thrice a day. Honey is the natural substitute of a cough suppressor dexamethorphan. Honey can cause botulism in children so avoid to use this remedy for children of age less than one year.


Gargles of salty warm water can help you to recover from sore throat easily. Salt act as anti-inflammatory product and warm water helps to reduce the pain. Mix one tea spoon salt in a glass of warm water for this. It is the best homeopathic remedy for sore throat.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has antibiotic properties in it and its mixture with water helps to recover from sour throat faster.

Chamomile tea

This natural substance is very common in treating the symptoms of sore throat. Many physicians recommend this also.

Roots of marshmallow

Marshmallow roots are very beneficial in treatment of sore throat. It can be used as herbal tea.

Licoricey roots

These roots have been used in treatment of sore throat from ages ago. But these licoricey roots are not safe for

pregnant woman and for children.

Ginger tea

Ginger has many anti-inflammatory affects in it. Its helps patients to reduce the symptoms of sore throat and


Cold fluids

Cold drinks can help in numbing the pain after sore throat. You can also suck ice cubes. But avoid this when you are

having sore throat from cold.

Steam or Humidity

Dry air can cause more irritation in sore throat. Steam of hot water can improve the condition. It is the best

homeopathic remedy for sore throat.

Broth or soup

If you are having sore throat from cold then vegetable or meat soup can help you to fulfil your nutrients and can reduce the pain.


In this blog, we have discussed some homeopathic remedy for sore throat. For the treatment of sore throat at home you must have to check the type of your sore throat. A sore throat can be classified as two types. One type is due to any virus for example pharyngitis. These viral infections resolve itself after the completion of life cycle of virus. Medication for viral infections doesn’t work to end this but there are some to reduce its symptoms.

Other type of sore throat is those who are caused by bacteria. Mostly, streptococcus family is involved in these kinds of infections. For treatment of these infections, you have to use some antibiotics which kill these sore throat causing bacteria. These antibiotics also reduced the symptoms of disease. Your physician will provide a physical examination on your throat and some lab test for better diagnosis.

On the other hand, second best treatment method is homeopathic remedy for sore throat. Homeopathic remedy for sore throat is the most used way to treat your bad throat issues which we have discussed earlier. I hope this blog will help you a lot.

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